Despite its remote mountain location, the Haute-Savoie region, is incredibly easy to access, enjoying year-round transport links by air (via airport transfer), coach, car and rail. There are options to suit all departure points, budgets and group sizes, no matter what season you want to come.

Stay where even the journey takes your breath away

By air

(and airport transfer)

Geneva Airport (GVA)

    Geneva, Switzerland 60 miles (about 100km) from Chamonix
   Easyjet, KLM, British Airways, Air France, Swiss Air

The nearest airport to Chamonix is Geneva. It’s about an hour and a half away from the town via airport transfer and probably the easiest way to get here. Flights are available year-round to most major UK and European airports, as well as further afield in America, Asia and the Middle East. The best deals are usually found when booking well in advance and flying during the week (Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Lyon Saint-Exupery Airport (LYS)

    Lyon, France 135 miles (about 220km) from Chamonix
   Easyjet, KLM, British Airways, Air France, Aer Lingus

Lyon is another major international airport servicing Chamonix guests and, depending on your departure point, might be a quicker or more economical option. As with all options, make sure you factor in the additional travel time and cost of getting from the airport to the resort, as Lyon is over twice the distance away from Cham as Geneva.

Chambéry Airport (CMF)

    Chambéry, France 90 miles (about 145km) from Chamonix
   TUI, Jet2, British Airways

Chambéry is a smaller international airport mainly serving flights to the Alps from the UK and a couple of other European destinations. Depending on your departure airport, Chambéry may offer some cheaper or more convenient options but remember to factor in the increased cost of getting to the resort when you land. Also note that this airport only operates during the designated ski season, closing down for summer.

Airport transfers

There are plenty of ways of getting from the airport to your accommodation but for a mixture of convenience and value for money, we would recommend getting an airport transfer every time. Take a look at our airport transfer guide for more info and big discounts for Chamonix Resort guests, making sure to do this when you book your flights as our partner offering will often work out much cheaper than those recommended by your airline.

By road


If you’re looking to do multiple destinations and want a bit more flexibility or you just want that extra slew of storage space for your ski gear, there’s always the option to drive to Chamonix. If there are a few of you splitting the cost, this can work out more cost-effective than taking a flight or public transport.

Chamonix is very well serviced with a network of autoroutes (motorways) through France and neighbouring Switzerland from all directions. All of these will operate tolls so be sure to factor this in, along with the cost of fuel and vehicle wear and tear. To give you an idea of the toll fees, the journey from Calais to Chamonix and back will cost about €160 if using the autoroutes.

It’s also worth pointing out that as you get closer, the roads can sometimes be affected by snowfall and adverse weather, particularly in winter, so it’s worth checking ahead before starting your journey and bringing snow chains if you have them.


There are various long-distance coach options available if you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly form of travel. These can also work out very cost-effective, particularly if you are travelling solo or as a couple.

Depending on your departure point, some coach operators do operate year-round but the majority will be focused on the winter months. And this is certainly the slowest way to travel. Coaches can often take many hours to get you to your accommodation so if you’re planning a short trip and time is of the essence, we’d probably look for something a little quicker. If, however, you consider the journey part of the adventure and are looking for a cheaper option with a smaller carbon footprint and a chance to meet some like-minded intrepid mountain travellers, the coach is a great option.

By rail

Another option for reducing the carbon impact of your trip is to head to Chamonix by rail. The Mont Blanc Express stops at the Gare de Chamonix-Mont-Blanc several times per day, all year round, and connects Chamonix to the rest of France and neighbouring Switzerland.

Be warned if opting to arrive by train that unless you are coming from somewhere nearby it is unlikely to be either the cheapest or the fastest method of travel; be prepared to change several times on your journey. You will, however, get the benefits of extra legroom, additional luggage at no cost and some incredible views as the stunning French countryside gradually rolls into the alpine oasis of the Aiguilles de Chamonix mountain chain.

For the best deals, be sure to book well in advance and take advantage of any group or family discounts you can. Also, check relevant railcards; sometimes picking up a railcard for a handful of euros can save 10-20% on your ticket price, a saving that soon adds up if you’re travelling as a group even if you never use the card again.



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